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Robert is Programs Specialist at Business where he features some of the most innovative degree options from schools around the country. Have a school, college, degree or certificate program you would like reviewed?


Health Systems Management Degree Programs

A health systems management degree is a bachelor’s or master’s degree that allows you to obtain employment as an administrator or manager in a healthcare facility, hospital, long-term care facility, nursing home or home healthcare company. Some of the larger … Read More


Salary Outlook with Consulting MBA Degree

The job outlook for business professionals in consulting is excellent in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS reports that the growth of many business and finance-related occupations will grow by a solid 10% through 2026, which … Read More


Predictive Analytics Degree Programs

A predictive analytics degree is a bachelor’s or master’s degree that will teach you how to make sense of big data, as well as teach you the leadership and business skills that are needed to bridge IT and bring it … Read More


Transportation Degree Programs

A degree in transportation teaches students how to keep organizations profitable by covering subjects such as cost reduction, inventory control, and global supply chain management. Another term for this type of degree is logistics management. What Is a Transportation Degree? … Read More


10 Highest Paying Data Science Careers

As technology improves year after year, more companies have massive amounts of data at their disposal to help them to make better business decisions. But to make good choices with all of that data, they need to have workers who … Read More


Management Information Systems Degree

A management information systems (MIS) degree focuses on the study of people, technology and organizations to help organizations realize the maximum benefit from their investments in personnel, equipment and business processes. Students who earn a degree in management information systems … Read More


List of MBA Degree Concentrations

The MBA is one of the most versatile graduate degrees. MBA students are prepared in the fundamentals of business administration and can often choose from many concentrations. While choosing a concentration is not required, it can be particularly beneficial for … Read More

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