One of the advantages of a business career is its versatility. Good business positions can run the gamut from highly people oriented jobs, such as HR managers, to more technology focused roles, such as IT business managers. No matter what your business interest, you can probably find a rewarding business angle to pursue.

And depending upon the specialty you choose, you could be paid very well. The wages for many top-paying business professions is higher than that for all US workers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports.

As the US economy is gathering steam, now is a good time to look for one of those high-paying business job. More companies are being created and more are expanding in many business sectors, so there is no time like the present to get a good business position with plenty of long term potential. Globalization, a strongly growing economy and more favorable tax and regulatory regimes will continue to add strong demand for many business workers.

This potential is reflected in the most recent statistics released by the BLS, with a healthy 9% increase in jobs anticipated in all business and financial sectors.

In the next several years, at least 750,400 jobs will be added in various business industries. The median salary for all these business related positions was $66,500 as of May 2016, but many of the top business positions will pay much more.

As you are considering which business degree profession to choose, remember that some business jobs may not pay as much when you are first starting. Instead, think about how your wages can rise as you gain more skills and experience. Also consider taking free online business courses to sharpen your skills in your desired field. Potential employers love to see your ambition shine through with extra learning!

List of Highest Paying Jobs

The national average salaries listed below are for the best-paid business positions at the top of the career ladder. It may take you a few years to reach this type of salary, but the potential is definitely there for you to obtain great pay with enough work and dedication.

Business Job Title National Salary
Chief Medical Officer $185,835
Medical Director $184,548
Chief Technology Officer $147,424
Director of Engineering $138,182
Director of Pharmacy $136,890
Chief Marketing Officer $136,769
Data Scientist $130,297
Chief Financial Officer $130,123
Quantitative Analyst $127,870
Investment Banker $125,041
Network Architect $123,709
Chief Information Officer $121,573
Pharmacy Manager $119,896
IT Security Specialist $113,452
Data Warehouse Engineer $111,007
Business Intelligence Manager $109,552
Investment Manager $108,746
Director of Sales $108,044
Sales Director $107,659
Tax Manager $107,133
Risk Manager $103,743
Technical Project Manager $100,971
Director of Finance $99,996
Finance Director $99,972
Director of Security $99,822
Operations Officer $96,045
Director of Nursing $95,821
Disaster Recovery Manager $94,956
Network Manager $94,442
Treasury Manager $94,000
Data Manager $93,937
Transportation Manager $93,834
Director of Human Resources $93,347
Compensation Manager $93,104
Director of Operations $90,674
Director of Purchasing $90,585
Director of Marketing $90,048
Network Engineer $88,447
Finance Manager $88,446
Management Consultant $88,374
Pricing Manager $88,102
Systems Engineer $87,508
Systems Project Manager $86,680
Supply Chain Manager $85,591
Gaming Manager $84,668
Risk Analyst $84,024
Internal Auditor $83,754
Information Technology Manager $83,668
Revenue Manager $83,304
Project Director $82,923
Business Systems Analyst $82,655
Forensic Accountant $82,160
Accounting Manager $81,709
Procurement Manager $81,418
Healthcare Manager $81,093
Director of Communications $81,076
Project Manager $80,833
Program Analyst $78,849
Insurance Underwriter $77,694
Investment Consultant $76,236
Investment Analyst $76,199
Technical Analyst $76,186
Real Estate Manager $76,119
Business Development Manager $75,226
Benefits Manager $74,059
Information Technology Specialist $73,668
Systems Analyst $72,715
Health Information Management Manager $72,216
Management Analyst $72,076
Marketing Manager $71,419
Sales Manager $71,125
Purchasing Manager $70,974
Program Officer $70,926
Underwriter $70,387
Distribution Manager $70,204
Marketing Communications Manager $70,119
Sales Executive $69,894
Data Analyst $69,685
Compliance Officer $69,393
Human Resources Manager $69,342
Procurement Analyst $69,088
Communications Manager $68,895
Hospitality Manager $68,555
Network Analyst $68,167
Treasury Analyst $68,044
Business Operations Manager $68,007
Insurance Manager $67,560
Network Administrator $66,871
Financial Analyst $66,611
Supply Chain Analyst $66,387
Compensation Analyst $66,326
Research Analyst $65,125
Operations Manager $64,810
Financial Advisor $64,188
Pricing Analyst $63,937
Insurance Agent $62,908
Tax Analyst $62,619
Account Manager $62,548
Project Analyst $62,133
Logistics Manager $62,099
Marketing Analyst $61,822
Finance Officer $61,442
Operations Analyst $60,651
Advertising Manager $59,245
Logistics Analyst $58,389
Information Specialist $56,877
Food Service Director $55,529
Purchasing Buyer $55,289
Human Resources Generalist $54,497
Marketing Specialist $52,815
Logistics Supervisor $52,796
Accountant $52,461
Program Specialist $51,759
Personal Banking Manager $51,369
Public Relations Manager $51,303
Procurement Specialist $51,075
Social Media Manager $50,861
Marketing Executive $49,187
Research Associate $46,919
Communications Officer $45,494
Communication Specialist $43,213
Communications Coordinator $42,597
Marketing Coordinator $42,195
Program Coordinator $41,738
Human Resources Coordinator $35,481
Logistics Coordinator $30,259
Security Supervisor $24,633

The above career salary figures are based on 2016 national salary quotes from actual employers on

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