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By Henry R. Steele - April 17, 2017
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Colorado Technical University has been offering advanced education opportunities to bachelor’s and master’s students since 1965. The goal of CTU is to provide highly relevant, innovative and real world business learning experiences both online and in person. The online programs at CTU are highly developed and offer a high interaction level with students and professors alike.

Favorite Features

CTU has many awards and recognitions for online MBA programs

The CTU website shows that the university has been given many awards for its online educational quality in recent years. For example, US News and World Report has ranked its MBA and non-MBA graduate business degree programs as among the best for online programs in the US.

That is not the end of the accolades. Colorado Technical University also is highly ranked in its bachelor’s degrees by US News and World Report for military veterans.

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Another high achievement by CTU is its award from CEO Magazine recognizing that its online MBA is in the top tier in the world. CEO Magazine looks at specific key performance indicators that provide benchmarks for how it ranks graduate business programs.

The National University Technology Network or NUTN has also acknowledged CTU as one of the best in the world with its 2015 Distance Education Innovation Award. The award recognized the superiority and excellence of the adaptive learning platform at CTU.

Colorado Technical University is accredited by the ACBSP

The business programs at the bachelor’s and master’s level at CTU have been accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs or ACBSP. This accreditation shows that the school has reached a significant level of achievement within its business degree programs. The ACBSP has been accrediting degree programs in the business field since 1988.

Low tuition cost for online MBA program

The cost of tuition for the online MBA at CTU is a very reasonable $585 per credit hour. This means that each class will cost approximately $1600, making this a highly affordable online MBA.

It also is notable that the online MBA program has the same tuition for both in state and out of state students. Students from out of state often face much higher tuition costs for many graduate programs. This makes attending graduate school all that much harder.

CTU offers financial assistance through Corporate Alliance Grants

CTU has developed educational alliances with many companies so that employees and immediate family members may get tuition grants that are able to be used by both the student and their immediate family.

This grant also allows the student to take one or even several courses before actually enrolling in a degree program at CTU. Many students with this grant are able to save up to 30% on their tuition costs, and possibly finish their degree program sooner.

There is a full list of the college’s corporate alliance grant participants on its website.

Least Favorite Features

Online MBA is only ranked #160 by US News and World Report

The CTU website notes that the MBA program is ranked highly by US News and World Report. However, the US News website states that the program is only ranked #160 in the US.

Its graduate business programs online also are fairly lowly ranked at #95. While different websites and publications use different standards to rank MBA and business programs, it is a concern that their programs are so lowly ranked.

Business programs are not accredited by the AACSB

It is noteworthy that CTU’s online MBA program and business programs have not achieved accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or AACSB. The AACSB is the standard bearer in the world today for business school accreditation.

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When employers see that a business school has been accredited by the AACSB, it tells them that the business programs have achieved the most rigorous level of quality in the industry.

AACSB accreditation is especially important for online degree programs; some employers regard online programs with skepticism, but are reassured when they see the AACSB accreditation stamp.

University is not selective

US News and World Report states that the university is not especially selective, and is one of the least selective schools in the country that offers MBA programs.

Very low peer assessment score at US News and World Report

An important ranking in the US News surveys is that of peer assessment. This is a score from 1-5, with one being the lowest as far as how others in the business school industry regard CTU. The CTU score is a very low 1.6, which suggests that other business program professionals do not have a high opinion of its business programs.

The Details

General Information

  • Founded in 1995
  • Application deadline: Rolling
  • Application fee: $60
  • School type: Private
  • Term Schedule: Semester
  • Location: Aurora and Colorado Springs, Colorado

Tuition Rates

  • Graduate: MBA: $585 per credit hour in state and out of state
  • Undergraduate: $325 per credit hour in state and out of state

Business Degrees

  • Graduate: General Master of Business Administration, MBA in Accounting, MBA in Entrepreneurship, MBA in Finance, MBA in Global Leadership, MBA in HR Management, MBA in Logistics, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Supply Chain Management, MBA in Technology Management, Master’s in Cybersecurity Policy, Master of Science in Accounting
  • Undergraduate: Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management, Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity, Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Bachelor’s in Business Administration Marketing, Bachelor’s in Business Administration Project Management, Bachelor’s in Business Administration in International Business.
  • Associate’s: Accounting, Business Administration, Management

Concentrations – MBA

Class Profile

  • 26,330 students
  • 1488 online graduate business school students
  • 2605 online MBA students

Graduation and Retention Rates

  • Only 24% of online students graduate from their business program within 150% of the expected graduation time
  • Only 37.5% of students in two or four year degrees graduate on time, which is well below the national average
  • 5% of students drop out before completing their degree

US News Rankings

  • Best online bachelor’s programs: 81
  • Best online graduate business programs: 95
  • Best online MBA programs: 160
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