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By - December 6, 2017
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The University of Massachusetts-Amherst is a public college that was established in 1863. The university currently is ranked as the 75th Best College according to US News and World Report. The university’s Isenberg School of Management is ranked as the 57th best business school according to US News. The school offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in various business and management related disciplines, including finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, leadership, manufacturing and technology, organizational behavior and supply chain management.

Favorite Features

Online MBA program is ranked #3 by Financial Times globally

The Financial Times ranked the Isenberg online MBA #3 in the world in 2017, and #1 in the US. According to the press release by the college, the program particularly excels in program delivery and online interaction. A high rating for program delivery suggests that the quality of the online teaching, exams and materials is excellent. High quality online interaction shows that there is a high level of interaction among students, professors and other staff in the online program.

The online MBA also ranked #5 in the world for starting salary and value for the money. Salary today shows what the average alumni salary is three years after they graduate – $159,340.

The program also is notable for its rank at #6 for diversity; it is one of the world leaders for percentage of international students.

Isenberg MBA programs are accredited by the AACSB

The Isenberg School of Management MBA programs have achieved accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or AACSB. This business education accreditation is the most sought after by business schools across the world.

Programs that are AACSB-accredited have been shown to produce graduates that have better business management skills and are more desirable to employers than schools that have not been accredited. When you have graduated and are seeking a new position or promotion, your employer or potential employer can be assured that you have earned a high quality degree. You also can feel a sense of accomplishment and assurance that you have spent your time and money on a worthy business degree.

Large, engaged alumni network

The Isenberg School of Management is known for its engaged and active alumni community. Consisting of 43,000 business graduates, alumni from this school are driven and dynamic business leaders who live and thrive across the US and in nearly 90 countries across the world. Wherever you live after graduation, you can probably find an Isenberg graduate that can help you to bring your career to the next level.

Online MBA program is highly ranked by US News and World Report

The Isenberg School of Management features a relatively highly ranked online MBA program. According to US News and World Report, their program is ranked #12 overall.

One of the areas where the online MBA program shines is in the faculty credentials and training score that US News ranks. The program ranks 82 out of 100, meaning that professors have been well trained to teach MBA students online.

The online MBA also ranks well in terms of work experience of new entrants. US News states that new students have an average of 155 months of work experience, which is more than 10 years. Going to MBA school with highly experienced peers has been shown to often result in a more productive MBA experience. Almost all students who are admitted have previous work experience.

A benefit of the online MBA program is that it may be taken entirely online. This is beneficial for students who do not want to have to visit campus to earn their degree.

Least Favorite Features

GRE or GMAT scores are required for admission

To be considered for admission into a graduate program at this school, you must submit GRE or GMAT exam scores. Taking these exams is time consuming and expensive. Also, it has been shown through research that one’s score on these exams is not necessarily reflective of one’s ability to excel in business school.

The GRE/GMAT exam is required as part of the admissions process, but they do offer opportunities for waivers.  Waivers include:

  1. A combination of work experience and GPA
  2. A combination of a Master’s degree and GPA
  3. Awarded a doctoral degree

High acceptance rate for online MBA

US News and World Report states that the program has an 83% acceptance rate. Some might look at this as a positive as it is relatively easy to be admitted. But a high acceptance rate can be viewed as an indicator of a lower level of quality in the program. More selective schools are able to only admit the best applicants. A higher quality class of students can result in a higher overall quality of experience in the program.

Peer assessment is average at 3.3 out of 5.0

US News and World Report ranks the school by peer assessment score. A high ranking suggests that the program is highly thought of by other programs in the country. A 3.3 score out of 5.0 is average at best.

The Details

General Information

  • Founded in 1863
  • University type: Public
  • Application deadline: Rolling
  • Application fee: $75
  • Term Schedule: Semester
  • Location: Amherst, MA
  • Overall acceptance rate for online MBA: 80%

Tuition Rates

  • Online MBA: $900 per credit hour. Students can expect to pay $35,000 to complete their MBA degree

Business Degrees

  • Full time MBA, part time MBA, online MBA

MBA Specializations

Graduation and Retention Rates

  • 91% of all students at this university stay for a second year, which is excellent
  • Overall on time graduation rate of 78% is excellent
  • 21% of students fail to graduate within 150% of the expected time, which is about average

US News Rankings

  • National universities: 75
  • Best business school: 57
  • Best online MBA programs: 12
  • Best online bachelor’s programs: 24
  • Best online graduate business programs (not MBA): 29
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