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By Henry Steele - May 22, 2018
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Reading Time: 4 minutes

Dr. Jon Tomlinson, Director of Business Programs for Adult & Graduate Studies at Ohio Christian University, joins us today to discuss their Online MBA program.

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Can you tell us about the online MBA program offered at Ohio Christian University (OCU)?

First, Ohio Christian University prepares students to serve effectively in the church and society by providing a holistic, Christ-centered, biblically integrated education in the Wesleyan tradition.

The MBA major at OCU provides world-impacting Christian servant leaders of today and tomorrow with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in a competitive business The major emphasizes critical and strategic thinking, business management skills, ethics, and real-world applications.

There are six concentrations from which a student may choose: Accounting, Digital Marketing, Finance, Healthcare Management, Human Relations, and Organizational Leadership.

Is the GMAT & GRE required for acceptance into the program? Do international students have the same requirement?

OCU does not require the GMAT or GRE for acceptance, but prospects must have a baccalaureate or graduate degree from a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting body. The prospect’s undergraduate GPA must be 3.0 on the standard 4.0 scale.

OCU complies with U.S. government regulations for foreign students. Due to strict government regulations, the university has detailed requirements pertaining to foreign students. It is the responsibility of foreign students to obtain the proper documents and to furnish the university with these documents. Before a student can receive his/her I20 to obtain a visa, certain requirements must be met: The student must pass an English proficiency test.

Ohio Christian University accepts the following tests of English as a second language:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): minimum score of 550 paper based, 213 computer based, or 79 Internet
  • IELTS: minimum 6.0.

The students must show, at the university’s discretion, the ability to finance his/her education for the entire length of their program.

How long does a typical online MBA program take at Ohio Christian University? What is the maximum and minimum time of completion?

Using the minimum full-time student load of 18 graduate semester credits per year, the average time to completion is between 18 and 24 months.

What do you think makes the Ohio Christian University online MBA program stand out from other online MBA programs offered by similar schools?

Our ability to help students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in today’s business environment, while addressing the Christian worldview, is Ohio Christian University’s chief differentiator.

The OCU graduate program offers 6 week courses with no overlaps, allowing students to concentrate on one subject at a time. It focuses on adult/non-traditional students. The program is available online and at various campuses in Ohio as well as in Atlanta, Georgia.

How important would you say accreditation is when choosing an online MBA program?

Vital. Ohio Christian University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and authorized by the Ohio Department of Higher Education for its master’s level programs.

No student should ever consider a program or university that is not accredited.

What are the advantages to earning an online MBA degree in general and where are you seeing employer demand for this degree?

The online MBA program allows those students who are unable to attend class in person (typically due to work or family commitments) to achieve their goals from the comfort of their homes or office setting at their own pace.

Employers are constantly looking for their employees to gain further skills; so much so that many of our students complete their MBA with the goal of simply advancing their career with their current employer.

With the MBA degree in general, one must acknowledge the changing demographics of the workforce. Each successive generation seems to require more and more training to be truly successful in the workforce. Boomers could at one time provide a comfortable living for their family with a high school education; Generation Xers have needed a bachelor’s degree. Today, to separate oneself from others, advanced skills such as those obtained in OCU’s MBA program, are required.

Does Ohio Christian University offer job placement for students who graduate with an online MBA degree?

Yes. Ohio Christian University’s Career Services Department is available to support all students and alumni extend their learning beyond the classroom. The department equips them with resources and opportunities to help them discern their unique life calling and ultimately enable them to make their visions a reality through service in fulfilling careers.

What types of financial aid packages are available for students in business? Are there any fellowships, grants and scholarships available?

The Ohio Christian University Financial Aid office is a student’s one stop shop for all his/her financial needs. OCU works with each student to design a plan to help him or her successfully navigate paying for college.

Students can apply for and receive federal student loans using OCU’s FAFSA code, 003030.

Dependent upon the student, grants such as the Federal Pell Grant and various military benefits (GI Bill, Ohio National Guard Scholarship program) are available.

Christian College financial aid is oriented toward students’ needs and can include federal financial aid options and on campus jobs.

Do you have any advice for students enrolling in an online MBA program for the first time?

The biggest problem I have seen for students entering an online degree program for the first time is Time Management. As opposed to the traditional classroom setting, it is much easier to procrastinate in an online class. That said, OCU has designed its online MBA program to aid students in being successful right from the start.

I would also advice prospective students to do your due diligence. Research the university to assure it aligns with your expectations and belief system.

What do you enjoy most about your position at Ohio Christian University?

My ability to help students achieve their dreams of attaining their college degree while acknowledging that Christ has a plan for each of us to help further his kingdom on Earth (Jeremiah 29:11).

For more information on the online MBA programs offered at Ohio Christian University, visit them online.

Thank you Jon Tomlinson, for sharing and participating in this piece.

That concludes our interview!

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