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By Henry Steele - October 2, 2018
Reading Time: 5 minutes
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Are you excited about a career in management information systems (MIS)? The computer and information technology field includes many types of in-demand MIS occupations as the global economy becomes more reliant upon computers and IT systems.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the job outlook for computer and information technology occupations is bright: There will be a 13% increase in these positions by 2026, meaning at least 557,000 jobs will be added to the US economy. Demand for IT and MIS workers will be caused by increased storage and collection of big data, greater needs for information security, and the growth of the cloud computing industry.

Professionals and students interested in an MIS degree may be interested in learning the types of careers and jobs you can look forward to. Below are your best career options:

#1 Mobile Application Developer

A mobile application developer is the creator of applications for the most popular mobile devices, including Android and iPhone devices. These MIS experts in mobile applications use various programming languages to improve application functioning on various mobile platforms. You may find interesting and profitable employment in areas such as the optimization of mobile versions of current applications, designing new game applications, and designing innovative lifestyle apps.

The median salary in this field is $72,000 per year.

#2 Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are responsible for developing and implementing computer security strategies and systems so that vital information is protected from cyber attacks and computer crimes. These IT and MIS professionals also monitor computer networks for breaches in security when it is necessary. They also respond to information security breaches with countermeasures.

These IT workers must understand the current state of affairs in terms of cyber threats in the field, needs of the company they work for, and the modern systems that are available for fighting threats to information security. Information security analysts must also be skilled in educating non-technical employees on computer security matters.

The median salary for information security analysts is $90,100.

#3 Web Developer

Web developers are MIS professionals who collect and create web content so they can plan website layouts and navigation. They also are responsible for coding many types of Web pages. Web developers also test and optimize websites for the ultimate user experience and the best performance. They draw on their expert knowledge level in major programming languages on the Web to develop both front end and back end aspects of applications and websites.

Web developers should be very proficient with Javascript, CSS and HTML, and also should know major server side programming languages to develop complex Web applications. Web developers with MIS skills will usually work closely with Web designers and many other IT professionals on large Web projects.

The median salary for Web developers is $65,000.

#4 Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud solutions architects are the designers of solutions for companies who want to move their IT and MIS structure and services from their servers onsite and go to a cloud-based system. Cloud solutions architects also ensure that the cloud services they are providing to the company is highly available, scalable and has a high tolerance for fault. These MIS professionals also are responsible for managing cloud infrastructure and ensuring that both public and private clouds are properly interfacing.

As a cloud solution architect, you need to have a solid understanding of enterprise architecture, which includes how to configure IT assets around company needs. It is also necessary to have a very high level of understanding of SOA or service-oriented architecture.

The median salary for a cloud solution architect is $107,900.

#5 Applications Architect

Applications architects are charged with ensuring that software projects follow the company’s application development methodology and technical parameters. They also make sure the technical project fits the IT and business strategy of the company. Large organizations usually employ these MIS professionals to work on many types of current applications that must be integrated with several new application development projects. Based upon the company’s design standards, applications architects must design applications components, such as interface, infrastructure and middleware.

The median salary of an applications architect is $110,000.

#6 Development Operations Engineer

DevOps engineers are essentially a jack of all trades in terms of information systems and databases in organizations. DevOps engineers work in many technical areas in a company using many types of skills and knowledge. These engineers with MIS skills work closely with IT teams and offer oversight of database maintenance and architecture, Web and software development, information security, cloud storage and maintenance. DevOps engineers are required to have a knowledge in current trends and technology and excellent communication skills to work effectively with diverse IT and technical professionals.

The median salary in this field is $100,000 per year.

#7 Data Scientist

A data scientist is responsible for the gathering and application of data for many organizations, including companies in all industries, nonprofits and government agencies. Data scientists must approach the retrieval, storage and implementation of data and data systems from a high level and broad view. They also must understand programming languages so that they can construct and evaluate blockchain technologies in the financial arena as more fintech companies are transitioning to acceptance of cryptocurrency to sell their products and services.

Instead of just focusing on the architecture of databases and their administration, data scientist should work to devise large scale models of how a company relates to data. Professionals in this field must consider storage and conveyance, software and hardware, data trends and data mining.

The median salary for data scientists is $113,000.

#8 IT Manager

An IT or information technology manager is charged with the oversight of the IT needs of the company. IT managers usually provide supervision of IT service teams in the organization. They must solve complex MIS and IT problems by troubleshooting, updating and implementing technology and assessing the needs of the organization. IT manager must also draw on technical knowledge from their MIS background, and also have a solid grasp of business administration.

The median salary for information technology managers is $85,000.

#9 Business Intelligence Developer

A business intelligence developer provides oversight of information systems and databased with the end goal of optimizing the implementation, storage and data flow in corporations. Business intelligence developers need to use a broad base of skills and knowledge to complete many business and technical tasks, such as designing systems, troubleshooting databases, analyzing big data systems and effectively managing a team of MIS professionals. Professionals in this job must be skilled in combining IT and computer tasks with business administration.

The median salary in this profession is $91,500.

#10 Software Engineer

Software engineers develop, test, design and optimize computer programs that are used for operating systems, network control systems, business applications, social networks and video games. This field is broad and these professionals can work in many different related jobs and specialties. Some software engineers may be employed in special projects and software for niche entities, and others can work on database and network software for large organizations. Software engineers often must work well with teams of administrators and engineers.

The median salary for software engineers is $79,500.

#11 Financial Analyst

While the occupation of a financial analyst is not necessarily thought of as an MIS and IT-related job, with the advent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, companies spanning from hedge funds to insurance agencies need financial analyst skilled in both finance and MIS technologies. These professionals of technology and finance are responsible for recommending investments, developing new investment strategies and evaluating financial risks.

The median salary for financial analysts is $81,500 per year.

Earning a degree in management information systems is highly likely to provide the hard-working student and professional with a multitude of technical career options in the coming years. Any of the above positions are excellent options, depending upon your career interests and technical expertise.


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