10 Things to Do with MBA Marketing Degree

Created by Henry Steele

By Henry Steele - July 30, 2018
Reading Time: 5 minutes
Reading Time: 5 minutes

The US economy is in a strong growth period, and it is expected there will be more need for marketing and business management professionals in the next decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for marketing managers and related professionals will increase by 10% through 2026, which is faster than average.

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To move into a higher paying marketing-related position, it is recommended to earn an MBA degree with a concentration in marketing. If you do that, you can do all types of exciting things in your career, including the following:

#1 Advertising Manager

Advertising managers are responsible for creating a higher level of interest among potential buyers of a service or product. They usually do this for an entire organization, a department or possibly on a contractual project basis. Advertising managers are typically employed by advertising agencies that assemble advertising campaigns for their clients and in companies that do a lot of advertising.

The advertising manager is the liaison between the advertising client and the advertising agency that is developing and placing the ads. In a bigger company, there may be several advertising managers that oversee various accounts and also the creative and media services personnel.

#2 Promotions Manager

A promotions manager is responsible for directing marketing programs that combine advertising with buying incentives to enhance sales. Promotion programs run by this manager may use direct mail, social media, Internet ads, product endorsements and newspaper and magazine ads to drive sales and target new customers. Some of the most effective incentives can include discounts, gifts, rebates, coupons, contests and sweepstakes.

#3 Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is charged with estimating demand for services and products and what competitors offer. They also identify possible new markets for the products for the organization. Marketing managers also need to devise pricing strategies to assist organizations to increase profits and market share as they ensure that the company’s customers are happy. Marketing managers may work with sales, PR and product development staff.

#4 Advertising Sales Agent

An advertising sales agent may be referred to as an advertising sales representative, who is responsible for selling ad space to individuals and businesses. They are responsible for contacting possible clients, making complex sales presentations and maintaining accounts for clients.

One of the most important parts of the job for the advertising sales representative is to learn what their needs are. Before you will have the first meeting with a client, you will need to collect important background information about the products of the client and the geographic area of the target market.

Depending upon the company that you work for, you may be responsible for drafting advertising contracts, which will detail the cost and the advertising work that is going to be performed. Agents also could continue to assist the client and answer questions or addressing problems the client has with the contract.

#5 Sales Manager

A sales manager with an MBA in marketing is responsible for directing the sales team for many types of organizations. Sales managers are in charge of setting sales goals, analyzing sales data and devising training programs for the sales representatives for the company.

The responsibilities for the sales manager will vary depending upon the industry and size of the organization. They also need to advise their sales representatives on how to enhance sales performance. In large companies with many products, sales managers commonly oversee regional and local sales managers in different areas of the country.

Sales managers also work very closely with managers in other departments in the company. For instance, the marketing department may identify new customers that the sales department can try to acquire. The relationship between the sales and marketing department is very important for expanding the client base.

#6 Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive public image for the company that they represent. They devise media releases and develop social media programs to improve public perception of the company and its products and services.

Public relations specialists may be referred to as communications specialists, communications managers or media specialists. They handle the communication with the public for the organization, which can include working with investors, consumers, reporters and various media specialists. In a government capacity, a public relations specialist may be called a press secretary.

A public relations specialist may draft press releases and reach out to people in the press who can broadcast or print the material. Many radio or TV reports, newspaper stories and magazine articles actually begin with the public relations specialist desk.

#7 Management Analyst

A management analyst may be referred to as a management consultant. He or she is charged with how to improve the efficiency and sales of an organization. They provide detailed advice with their MBA in marketing on how to make the company more profitable by increasing revenues and reducing costs.

Many management analysts are employed by the organization that they are doing analysis for, while others work as consultants for more than one company. The work of the management analyst can vary per each project that they work on. Some projects could need a large team of consultants with each focused on one area. On some other projects, the consultant may work on his own with the managers with the company.

Management analysts can focus on a specific business area, such as reorganizing corporate structures or inventory management.

#8 Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst studies the conditions of the market and looks at potential sales of a service or product. Market research analysts help organizations to understand the products that people want, who will purchase them and what the price will be.

Market research analysts also collect data on consumer demographics, needs, preferences and buying habits. Also, they gather data and information about consumers using many methods, including questionnaires, interviews, market analysis surveys, public opinion polls and reviews of literature.

Market research analysts determine what the company’s position is in the market place as they research the competition and also analyze their sales, pricing and methods for marketing. With this information, these marketing professionals determine what potential markets are as well as price and product demand.

#9 Operations Research Analyst

As an operations research analyst, you will use advanced analytical and mathematical methods to help your organization to solve business problems and make better decisions to improve sales and product performance. Operation research analysts are involved in all levels of an organization, as they help managers to determine how to allocate resources, develop production schedules and to properly manage the supply chain. For instance, they may help the organization to organize products to sell better in supermarkets, or to assist companies to determine the best way to distribute or ship products.

First, the analyst needs to understand what the problem is to be solved, and which processes need to be improved. Analysts will usually collect needed data from the field and interview managers and clients that are involved in the business processes that are to be changed.

#10 Financial Manager

A financial manager is responsible for the overall financial health of the company or organization. They are responsible for the production of financial reports, directing activities for investments, and also devising strategies and plans for the long term financial goals of the entity.

Financial managers with an MBA in marketing or a related field may do tasks that are specific to the industry or organization. For instance, a government financial manager will need to be an expert on budgeting and appropriations, which a marketing financial manager needs to be an expert on financial matters related to sales, marketing and advertising.


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