Why Get a Cloud Computing Degree?

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By Henry Steele - August 23, 2018
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Reading Time: 5 minutes

A student who studies a bachelor’s or master’s degree in cloud computing will study subjects such as data analytics, computer programming, mathematics and business management. Depending upon the degree program, you may be able to select specializations such as data analytics, mobile services, information management, cloud infrastructures and data intensive computing.

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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is simply the delivery of all types of computing services – storage, servers, databases, software, networking, analytics and software – over the Internet or ‘cloud.’ Companies that offer these services are known as cloud providers and usually charge for their services based upon the usage of the customer. Workers who are skilled in computer programming and cloud computing can work with companies in the cloud to do the following:

  • Create new services and apps
  • Store, back up and recover information
  • Host blogs and websites
  • Deliver software services on demand
  • Stream audio and video

Cloud Computing Degree Opportunity

Many students and professionals are choosing to work in the computer and information technology fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there will be 13% growth in these fields through 2026, which is faster than average when compared to all occupations. It is expected these occupations will add approximately 557,000 new jobs in the next several years. Demand for computer technology workers will be largely driven by a greater emphasis on cloud computing, so you can expect that earning your degree in this speciality will be very rewarding.

Cloud Computing Degree Career Paths

One of the most popular career options for professionals with a cloud computing or computer science degree is computer network architect. Computer network architects are responsible for designing and building data communication networks, such as local area networks, wide area networks, and Intranets. These networks can vary from small networks between a few offices to a cloud infrastructure that serves millions of users and customers.

Computer network architects are responsible for the design and deployment of computer information networks. After they are deployed, they also may manage these networks and provide troubleshooting services as the need arises.

Cloud Computing Degree Salaries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median salary for computer network architects is $104,600, with the top 10% earning $162,000 per year. Salaries break down as following:

  • Insurance carriers and related services: $110,000
  • Management of companies and enterprises: $109,000
  • Telecommunications: $107,400
  • Computer systems design: $106,000
  • Educational services: $66,700

Online Cloud Computing Degree Programs

Students who want to earn their degree in cloud computing at home and work at least on a part time basis can earn their degree online. A great option is the online Master of Science in Computer Science from Georgia Tech University. This school has teamed up recently with AT&T and Udacity to offer the very first MS in computer science that students can earn through the ‘massive online’ course format. A big advantage of taking your courses in this way is that it costs a fraction of the typical master’s program in computer science.

Required courses for this accredited master’s program online include:

  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Advanced Operating Systems
  • Intro to High Performance Computing
  • Computer Networks
  • Network Security
  • High Performance Computer Architecture
  • Embedded Systems Optimization
  • Software Development Process
  • Databases Systems Concepts and Design
  • Data and Visual Analytics

Specialties in this master’s program in computer science include computational perception and robotics, computing and cloud systems, interactive intelligence and machine learning.

Cloud Computing Bachelor’s Degree

Students who want to get their career started in cloud computing and Internet technology can earn Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Southern New Hampshire University. With this online, four year degree, you will learn about the fundamentals of cloud computing, important computer languages such as Python, Java and C++, and also learn about major operating environments such as Windows, Linux and mobile.

Students in this accredited bachelor’s program also learn about software development and testing platforms that include OpenGL, Maven, Eclipse and Netbeans. You also will design and evaluate cloud computing solutions that solve a complex programming problem with algorithmic principles and computer science standards and practices.

Some of the required courses in this bachelor’s program in computer science are:

  • Computer Science’s Role in Industry
  • Introduction to Structured Query Language
  • Computer Platform Technologies
  • Foundation in Application Development
  • Data Structures and the Cloud
  • Advanced Programming Concepts
  • Fundamentals of Data Mining
  • Introduction to the Linux Operating system
  • Operating Environments

Cloud Computing Master’s Degree

For the experienced computer science and IT professional who wants to move forward in their cloud computing career, you can earn a Master of Science in Enterprise and Cloud Computing from Stevens University, a private university located in New Jersey near several Fortune 500 employers. This master’s program stresses systems administration and governance, as well as the design and implementation of enterprise software systems, including databases, web services, cloud computing and mobile apps.

Students learn how to develop enterprise applications that use the latest frameworks including Android and ASP.NET, as well as new standards such as Jarkarta EE. Also, students receive several weeks of hands-on development time with major cloud computing environments such as Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services.

This program is appropriate for students who want to pursue careers in the development and support of cloud-based apps such as mobile, big data and enterprise. Most students enter the program with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

By the end of this two year, online master’s program, students will be able to do the following:

  • Explain challenges and tradeoffs in cloud implementation, such as PaC Theorem and Paxos.
  • Create cloud computing applications that use major frameworks such as Hadoop
  • Create enterprise applications such as C# and Java and then deploy them in the cloud
  • Create mobile apps that use cloud services, including the Android framework

Cloud Computing Degree Admission Requirements

Typical requirements to enter a master of science program in computer science and cloud computing are:

  • 0 or higher GPA
  • Bachelor’s in computer science or related field
  • Transcripts from bachelor’s program
  • Three recommendations
  • Writing sample

Cloud Computing Degree Curriculum

Each university will have its own specific curriculum. In the master of science program at Steven’s University, you are required to take these courses:

  • Enterprise and Cloud Computing
  • Distributed and Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Software Architecture
  • Enterprise and Cloud Security
  • Mobile Systems and Applications
  • Database Security
  • Knowledge Discovery and Data
  • Data Management and Exploration on the Web
  • Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
  • Web Analytics

Cloud Computing Degree Financial Assistance

Students who need financial help to earn their bachelor’s or master’s in cloud computing may consider the following scholarships:

  • AACE International Competitive Scholarship
  • ExCEL Computing Scholarship
  • CyberCorps Scholarship for Service Program
  • Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship
  • Sarder Scholarship
  • SMART Scholarship
  • AFCEA Cybersecurity
  • Electronic Document Systems Foundation Scholarship

Cloud Computing Degree Certifications

To increase your income potential, you can earn one of these cloud computing certifications:

  • CCNA Cloud Cisco
  • CCNP Cloud Cisco
  • VMware VCP7 – CMA
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Cloud Computing Degree Associations

Students interested in a career in cloud computing may consider joining these organizations:

  • Cloud Computing Association
  • International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology
  • IEEE Computer Society
  • Computing Research Association

Earning your bachelor’s or master’s degree in cloud computing and computer science gives you a highly in demand skill set that you can leverage into a high paying career in the coming decade.


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